Tips To Up Keep The Status Of Your Electronic Devices

With the dawn of the twenty first century man became more dependent on electronic devices. By today, even kids who go to preschool have a vast knowledge on how to operate a modern hand phone without the help of their parents. It’s not just all about using them. Also we have to up keep them for longer existence. Buying and throwing away is a waste of money. Here’s some tips you will find helpful to keep them running.

Protective guards

Not only phones have protective guards but also laptops, tablets and note books as well. But they vary from brand and generation. For an example the back cover of an iPhone 4S and the back cover of an iPhone 5S is different. Even if your phone falls down no harm will happen to your back cover since it is already protected. These guards come in different colors and designs too. You can even get them customized the way you want. What’s more you can even get famous celebrity signs and pictures in your guards! Awesome right? So, grab yourself a back cover or gift one to a person who has a lot of scrape marks in her/his phone.

Don’t wait until it’s malfunctioned

Normally a computer will show symptoms of a malfunction. Some of them are slow working, pop ups, error messages and software’s not working. Once you detect these problems you will have to go to place where best computer repairs are done and get this problem solved. Also don’t wait until the last moment to do this. Sometimes you may lose valuable data stored in your PC.Not only computers go through this but all electrical devices.

Even your phone after some time will go out of order and have certain problems. Computer repairs are not the costly but if you wait until the problem is worse sometimes you’ll have to give up your device and switch to another one. So find a trustworthy service of computer repairs.

Virus guards – to defend

Yes virus is everywhere. Your computers can easily be victims of this problem. Use a virus guard that will defend your system totally and keep it hazard free. Some of the most popular brands are Kasperskey, AVG, Norton, IOBit and K7 Security. It’s best to buy the original package rather than to download from the internet since most of them are not available totally. You can even check for virus in your phone using these programs by simply connecting your device to the computer and running a scan. Also remember check for new updates and download them too. By this you can have a safe system and also safe browsing.

Benefits Of Freelancing

Gone are the days where you had to work nine to five. The world is much more developed, and with the computer and internet to support you, you can earn as comfortably – as or even perhaps better than working at formal offices. Here are some benefits of freelancing.

You get to work according to your hours

One of the best things about freelancing is the flexible hours. You get to work the way you want to. So if you are more productive at night than doing the mornings, then there is no one to stop you. Just as long as you get the work done and reach the deadlines – there will be no one hunting you down. You get to wake up whenever you want, and go to sleep whenever you want.

More opportunities

With many companies going virtual, and many other international companies seeking employees from around the world for competitive prices. In fact, many companies now tend to lean towards outsourced IT support services as they find it easier and cheaper than taking in their own group.

Thus, if you are a tech-geek, then keep an eye out for outsourced IT support services. If you go on sites, you will get to see a lot of opportunities.

Who is the boss?

You are the boss. You make your own rule – be it the time of working or even the dress code. A boss can make your life a living hell, and this is one of the best ways to avoid it. You have your independence – and you get to do things your way.

Cheaper option

Going to work also means that you have to dress for it. And dressing is expensive – especially if you are forced to be on par with the rest. This means you end up spending nearly half of the salary you earn on pleasing other people. Moreover, going to work also has other expenses such as the commuting costs. All these can be avoided if you decide to work from home.

More family time

Freelancing also means that you get to go pick you kids after school, and help them with their work when needed. You control your workflow and therefore you also get to balance time. This means you can take any vacation as you want – just as long as you feel secure about your work. While some people may argue that this is a way of ‘bringing work home’, we do the same thing even when we work at an office. In fact, this is an easier option as this way, you at least get to control according to your necessities.