The world we live has come to a point where each and every household has the ownership of the computer. It either seems weird or incomplete if the house doesn’t have a laptop, computer, wifi, etc. Although, having a computer was just an extra bonus for a house at that time but today its nothing like that. Computers have brought a revolution to the world and they are taking over the both the business world and personal life. The revolution is helping man make daily tasks easier, accurate and more efficient. Since the beginning of the computer revolution the diverse types of computers and purposes of computers have grown immensely to a degree that today it is used in almost every aspect of one’s life and in almost every type of industry. 

In the personal aspect of life computers have helped communications easier. Today, it is possible to know what is happening on the other side of the world in a matter of seconds and a touch of a button without having to wait for the tomorrow morning’s newspaper. It has helped reduce the cost of contacting loved ones who live far away. Through the internet we are able even take video calls and talk to them as if they right here with us.

Businesses have been revamped because of the computer revolution. Industries like Architecture, Accounting firms, event management, etc have a really good use for the computers. Today, building and structures are drawn using computerize software. Accounting firms use Sage evolution software to get the accounting numbers right and accurate.

There is even event hire software that is customized for specific event and things needed for events which can easily be hired.
Computers have really gone and taken over banking. Without computers, banks processes would be slow and communications between inter banks and intra banks will have taken a long process. Automated Tele Machines are a product of the of computer revolution. Just imagine a world without any Automated Tele Machines.

The education sector has been made learning more fun and access to knowledge easier. What else do children want when it comes to education? Back in the days knowledge and learning is restricted to the facts and pictures on books but today the restrictions on knowledge does not exist. Everyone has different ways of learning. Those who learn by seeing have excess to videos and tutorials. Videos help children learn more and it’s not boring to actually sit and read a book.

The revolution of the computer has really changed the lifestyle of the world. It has given the world great power over their tasks, time, privacy and learning – but with great power also comes great responsibility which we must not forget.