If you have always wanted to travel and you have been collecting money for a awhile to make a certain trip, you should consider video blogging your travels live on the internet. There are many people who may not have the same opportunity as you or people who are still on their journey, collecting money to make the same trip as you, who will be excited to watch your videos and your travels. There are many advantages to you video blogging and blogging about your travels. On the one hand, you are making memories of a trip that you have looked forward to for a long time and on the other hand, you are sharing your adventures with the world. A little known benefit of this however is that you can earn money on Youtube from your videos because Youtube pays you money for bringing in views to the website. In other words, if you video travels are interesting enough, you might even be able to earn back the money that you spent on your trip and when you collect more and more subscribers, you may even find that certain resorts, hotels and experience companies will be willing to give you free access to their facilities and experiences in exchange for you blogging about them to your followers.

Getting connected

Of course, one question that you are likely to have is how you are going to connect to the intern while you are in the middle of a jungle or on a beach somewhere far from civilization. Fortunately, modern technology allows you to do this quite easily by using a 4g lte router with sim which will let you be connected to the internet wherever you go. It would be useful for you to try to blog your experience as realistically as possible which means that you can blog about the problems and the negatives that you faced as well because people love a good adventure.

A 4gx antenna will be able to increase your signals and make your access to the internet stronger allowing your videos to be uploaded easily.

Another way to earn money from the internet is to build up a viewer base and a subscriber base and then register for advertisements to be displayed on your Youtube channel which means that you will get paid for every time someone clicks on that advert giving you the opportunity to earn even more money while you are travelling and doing what you love. One day, you might be able to make it a full time career.